State It!
1 February 2015

Opportunity: Create an experiential board game that informs children of state capitals, license plate slogans, interesting facts, and landmarks. The use of the game was applicable in a classroom, and also mobile while in a vehicle.

Collaborators: Jose Dominguez & LARK Toys in Kellog, Minnesota

Tools Used: Adobe Suite, corrugated cardboard, 3D printer and PLA plastic, card stock, laser jet printers

Discovery phases: Although our target audience was 5-12 year old children, the present moment of GPS tools diminished adults understanding in basic, national information, like what US city is identified as the Toilet Paper Capital of the World… Green Bay, Wisconsin!

Outcome: A series of fully built and packaged accordion style board games that each featured a deck of player cards, two direction cards, and four 3D printed toy cars as player pieces.


“State it!” is an accordion style board game targeted at children ages 8-12, to teach beneficial knowledge about traveling the United States. It started as a live-client project that Jose Dominguez and I collaborated on. We worked with LARK Toys in Kellogg, MN with potential talk of manufacturing our game.