Curriculum Vitae
1 February 2015


Faculty Associate at Arizona State University, Tempe AZ: August 19’ –  Current

Faculty Associate at Paradise Valley Community College, Paradise Valley AZ: August 19’ –  Current

Faculty Associate at Central Arizona College, Coolidge AZ: January 19’ –  Current

Instructional Designer and Software Trainer at Streamline VRS, Chandler, AZ: May 18’ – August 19′

Visual Designer for TCS Construction, Oklahoma City, OK.   Jan 17’ – Current

Instructor of Record in Into To Digital Media, ASU: Fall 17’, Spring 16’, Spring 18′

Research Assistant for GSS 3DVP Lab, Grant St Studios, Phoenix AZ: Fall 16′ – Fall 17′

Instructor of Record in 2D Design, ASU: Spring, 17’

Intern with CNN Style and HTC Vive, DesignMiami, Miami, FL: December 16’

Co-Developer with Dan Collins for Childrens Workshop, Shemer Art Center, Phoenix AZ: Fall of 16’

Co-Instructor in 3D Tools, Arizona State University (ASU): Fall 15’, 16’

Teaching Assistant with Kjellgren Alkire for New Media, WSU: Spring 15’

Graphic Designer at Creative Services, WSU: August 2013 – May 15’

Production Assistant with ChunLok Mah, WSU: August 2013 – July 15’


MFA in Intermedia, Arizona State University (ASU), AZ: May, 18’

BA in Graphic Design, Winona State University (WSU), MN: May, 15’

Public Demonstrations and Workshops 

Family Free Weekend, Phoenix Art Museum,  Phoenix AZ: March, 18’

Artstravaganza,  Ariziona Artist Guild, Phoenix AZ: December, 17’

Arizona State University Campaign Kickoff, Chase Field, Phoenix AZ: January, 17’

TinkerKIDS, Shemer Art Center,  Phoenix AZ: August – November, 16’

STEAM: 3D Body Scanning and Printing, Tempe Center for the Arts, Tempe AZ: July 16’

Mind 2 Machine 2 Material,  Northern Arizona State University, Flagstaff, AZ: April 16’

Art Detour,3D Body Scanning and Printing, Grant St. Studios, Phoenix AZ: March 16’, 17’, 18’

3D Body Scanning and Printing, International Sculpture Center Conference, Phoenix, AZ: November 15’


Why Sustainability should be at the forefront of Designers Agenda in 2017,  a short journalistic video and mobile app in collaboration with Brittney Nixon, Rebecca, Jiahai, CNN Style, United Nations and Arizona State University. 16’

Self Guided Tours, a Series of Participatory Museum Maps with the Minnesota Marine Art Museum, 15’

State It!, an Interactive Educational Board Game with LARK Toys, Kellogg MN, 14’

Interactive Public Eco-Sculpture, a Educational Public Sculpture with Winona State University professors in Design, Physics, Chemistry, 13’


Fragile Latitudes, An Exploration of Remote Geographies, Step Gallery, Grant St. Studios– Phoenix, AZ: August, 18’

Luna City, 2175, Emerge 2018 – Tempe, AZ: March, 18’

Temporary Tendencies, MFA Thesis exhibition, Step Gallery, Grant St. Studios– Phoenix, AZ: February, 18’

Dine in or Take Away, Step Gallery, Grant St. Studios– Phoenix, AZ: August, 17’

Walking, Thinking, Walking, again, Combine Studios– Phoenix, AZ: April, 17’

New Art Arizona, Shemer Art Center – Phoenix, AZ: April, 17’

Nathan Cummings Travel Exhibition, Award Recipient. Harry Wood Gallery – Tempe, AZ: March, 17’

Materialized, Juried Exhibition by Joshua Harker Award Recipient. Central Michigan University – Mt Pleasant, MI: January, 17’

RAPID, 3D Printing Expo Contemporary Art Gallery – Orlando, Florida: May 16’

STEAM, Tempe Center for the Arts – Tempe, Arizona: May – September 16’

Surreal Salon 8, Juried Exhibition by Elizabeth McGrath, Baton Rouge Gallery – Center for Contemporary Art, Baton Rouge Louisiana: January 16’

Virtually Solid: Digital Fabrication as Sculpture, Nathan H. Wilson Center for the Arts: Jacksonville, Florida: January 16’

Distilled In the Desert, Grant Street Studios Pop up Gallery: Phoenix, Arizona November 15’

Loose Change, Paul Watkins Art Gallery: Winona, Minnesota: March 15’

Relationship Trials, solo exhibition, Weber Art Gallery: Winona, Minnesota November 14’

Heaven, Round, Earth, Square, Luxan Academy of Fine Art: Dalian, China June 14’

Chimerica, Let There Be Space, And then There was Space: Beijing, China June 14’


Wave Leader in Project theWalk with Angela Ellsworth, The Museum of Walking, Phoenix, Arizona: March, 2017, 18’

Workshop Assistant with Dan Collins for 3D Data Collection and Rapid Prototyping at the International Sculpture Center Conference, Phoenix Arizona: November 15’

Walking Escort with Angela Ellsworth, The Museum of Walking, Phoenix, Arizona: October 15’

Visual Artist for Women’s Gender and Sexuality Re-initiative: November 14’

Floating Librarian with Sarah Peters, The Floating Library, Lake Winona, Minnesota: September 14’


3DVP (Grant St Studios Digital Fabrication Club): Current

CAA (College Art Association) Current

TAG (The Art Grads) Arizona State University, Arizona: Current

CADO (Creative Art and Design Organization, Winona State University, Minnesota: 2012-2015


Artist Talk, Arizona Artist Guilds Member meeting, Phoenix, AZ: May 17’

Why We all Should Take a Digital Media Class, Arcadia Residence Halls, Tempe, AZ: March 16’

Incorporating 3D printing into your Practice, WSU Sculpture Class, Winona, MN: November 14’