New Grounds at Emerge
3 April 2018

New Grounds Statement
written by Employee #1, March 13th, 2175:


It was February 16th, 2125, when a potential investor suggested we get into the food industry. At the time we were breaking ground in the “Information Compression Industry” and had little interest in wandering elsewhere. A commonplace investor meeting led to an interesting invitation. Lunar City was requesting calls for artistic startups and New Grounds was suggested to propose an idea. We initially thought of petit fours, since our information compressed cubes held similar aesthetic characteristics. We weren’t too intrigued of the baking industry. Obesity hit an all time high in 2110 and the last thing we wanted to do was contribute to it. New Grounds has always been interested in helping their community, not hurting it.

We called our interdisciplinary team and brainstormed for years. Through generous funding we were able to send scouts to Lunar City to survey the land. Unfortunately one of two of our employees at the time, Andrew Noble, became terribly ill due to exposure to the moons “word I can’t remember”. This scary moment led to New Grounds next big step; Immunity tablets. You see, arriving at the moon under-prepared can be extremely dangerous. Without proper containment “human visitors” can become exposed to harsh bacteria.  We needed to find a solution to minimize the risk and increase the likelihood of recurring visitors. Our immunity tablets, still resembling our original Petit-Four-like Voxel consists of the moons harshest “word”. We travel far and wide to collect our material. The further we travel to collect aggregate, the more pleasant experience each third has. This contributes to our goal; having people safely prepare their immune system for this new environment, and allowing them to taste this unique/once-in-a-lifetime treat. As of now the thirds can only consume one immunity tablet in their lifetime. More than one can lead to immediate overexposure which, unfortunately, seems to be deadly. A result/repercussion we think is perfect because it trains our visitors to respect the provided resources and practice self discipline and moderation. Something far lost in a typical westerners day-to-day mentality. People back home want and want and want, overconsumption is a terrible disease and it’s nearly impossible to escape once exposed. This has allowed us to bridge our companies original goals with something far more relevant. We have found a way to secure visitor safely and increase lunar cities visitor-return rate. If it wasn’t for our founder’s sudden illness, we may have easily missed our opportunity. There are ups and downs in this life and it’s important to acknowledge all sides of the story and continuously try to identify patterns.  Who knows what area of research we’ll wander to next, but for now, we are excited about this incredible new field

Note: Andrew Noble, New Grounds Founder did survive his illness. After returning from his site visit in the year 2126  his unconscious body was preserved at Alcors Life Extension Foundation in Scottsdale, AZ. Luckily he was thawed in 2173 and modern day medicine allowed him to be successfully revived. We look forward to his upcoming site visit this weekend.