Micro Gestural Sculptures
21 December 2016

What is the last thing you remember doing? How are the thousands of mundane responses, adjustments, reactions, and other unintentional, non-meditated actions go missed? These small non-verbal behaviors carry so much information.  How can we materialize what is getting lost in communication?

Through an array of different processes I seek to contextualize and understand the microstructure of action; the moment one cracks their knuckle or touches their forehead for instance. My studio practice is fueled through the curiosity created when engaging with the public. From commuting through public transportation to standing in line at a local coffeeshop. For me it is not about the “big picture”, but about the different occurrences and responses that make that picture. By doing this I seek to activate the participant during the execution and reflection of my work. Two main themes of interest underpin my studio investigation. 1) non-verbal communication in response to conversations and surroundings. 2) an improvised collaboration between a/the facilitator(s) and a/the participants(s).