21 December 2016

Similar to the Non Verbally Communicating series, this project is trying to identify how we influence each other.  Mirroring  is a responsive video installation. Participants are invited to sit in a chair and engage with the projection. When each user sits down a camera records a video stream, while simultaneously projecting a mirrored recording from a previous moment. Once the subject stands up, the camera stops recording and the video stops playing. That new video sample is then added to the project directory and the project cycle continues. This project focuses on the influences we contribute to each other.  Referring to the yawning effect study, Mirroring attempts to demonstrate how we tend to subconsciously mimic the people we watch. Similar to when we watch movies and embed ourselves into a character, this project seeks to showcase that we all have some level of influence on each other.

Python, along with Arduino and basic HTML were used in this project.