A Message from New Grounds
20 February 2018

We have been attempting to capture the microstructure of action; embracing what typically goes unnoticed or unacknowledged. We put attention and emphasis towards the unique occurrences and responses that are in continuous flux composing what we see as our surrounding. These contributing moments carry infinite amounts of content and we attempt to mine this material in spirit of Sally Banes’ Equality Celebrates the Ordinary. An informationally compressed cube, known as a voxel, is the extruded sibling to what we now see as a pixel. In attempt to be ecologically conscious and carry forth our intention of collecting indexical information related to consumerism, New Grounds recently implemented a new criteria that each batch must meet.

Our workflow represents a system capable of tracing waste-streams and physicalizing consumer data from those streams. With each change in location, new material characteristics become visible in each different batch. Our output is becoming increasingly profitable as The Feed prospers and our niche market is expanding. New Grounds officially created and entered the field of “advanced information compression” at the end of 2017, and we are eager to expand further.

In looking at the successes within our system, there is one theoretical term, pluralism, that we continue to credit at New Grounds. We see pluralism in the sense of multiple complexities that are strategically and systematically working together,, forming a type of cohesion that we find to be productive, fair, and true to the Additivist Manifesto agenda we believe in. We see ongoing collaborative efforts between company employees, neighborhood residents, ecology systems, and machines. We work consciously to make balanced exchanges of value in sight of achieving the most ethically and ecologically minded product.

Temporary Tendencies is a public showcase that features a selection of our 2017/2018 winter collection. Throughout the duration of this showcase we will have one employee on site. Feel free to ask questions, but do please respect their workload. Lastly, our lab survives on the ability to travel and find new locations. If there is interest in seeing New Grounds expand to a space near you, contact us at newgrounds.info to set up a site visit.
written on February 7th, 2018 by New Grounds Employee #2