30 May 2017

Each day offers a possibility for success — what a great opportunity.

Accept the challenge. Each day offers new obstacles. Each day people try their hardest to overcome them. Some hurdles are more difficult to cross than others. Some may seem or may be impossible to beat, so we should not spend time trying to judge various situations. Our duty is to honor the challenges we receive and do whatever we can, with the best of our ability to overcome them.

Learn for society. As an educator my purpose is to construct an environment that facilitates individual exploration and collaborative interaction. Balancing a classroom with technical and conceptual elements offers students the opportunity to expand each day as makers and intellectuals. It is important that students advance at their own rate. I respect the student that can progress independently and I respect the student that requests specialized help. It is not my expertise to create magnificent artists and creators. It is my aspiration to create magnificent human beings that will add richness to society.

Embrace failure. Through the act of failure, truth is found. I do not accept failure, but I acknowledge it. Our students cannot progress if they do not risk success. By learning skills of troubleshooting, filtration, and diligence, students position themselves to achieve greatness in ways that were originally unimaginable. As educators we support the platform for this. We cannot be shy of negative results, but instead embrace them and make adequate alternatives.

Appreciate process. I challenge my students to better understand their decision-making processes and be able to articulate their ideation. I stress the significance of properly documenting progress and embracing the change that occurs throughout their development. Asking for our students to understand and appreciate the journey that they embark on produces deeper, more specialized knowledge. Students who can formulate a strategy and incorporate it into their practice learn to work efficient. Following the five Pā€™s for example (prepare, play, prototype, produce, present) is a way to comprehend the entire development of a project. Each decision is made by understanding the context of the project. Following a formula allows students to understand what they are doing and why they are doing it. It generates work that is intentional and gives students the capability to defend their choices.

Learn from everyone: With the infinite access we have to people practicing in similar fields today, I find it important that we cover our bases. Having an understanding of what is constantly taking place in the field allows for conscious decision making. Through daily research, students can build a strong database of resources that can generate real world problem solving skills. In a larger view, it is important to be open to suggestions and new ideas. If we land on one solution and insist that it is the one and only, we allow the risk for future failure. Our surroundings are constantly changing, so our reasoning and understanding needs to remain in alignment.

Follow no one: It is important for students to discover their creative identity. This process can be influential to healthy studio practice and lifestyle development. It is important to choose the path that is most beneficial to oneself. The path that students begin during school will continuously morph and expand. It is our job as facilitators to give stability to them during their exploration. We should be receptive and flexible, while remaining critical and challenging, throughout our students development. Students work in return will carry authenticity and originality.

Find the pattern: History repeats itself. It is important to pay attention to contemporary themes that are impacting society. It is important to incorporate history into our practice and develop an understanding of our past. With further investigation to what once was, we can see what once worked. Understanding what is working and what is not creates awareness. It is important to question the pattern and challenge the pattern. In time our students will change the pattern.

Work really hard: Our field demands a lifestyle of endless curiosity. Each challenge will require a new formula. Every day our field is changing and growing. In order for us to push the boundaries we must put forth effort that is infinite. The energy we bring to our practice distributes to the people whom later encounter it.