30 May 2017

TechKids Workshop:  From TinkerCAD to 3D Printing By Dan Collins, Professor,

Arizona State University

From the original grant proposal from the Shemer Art Center: The TechKids Workshop

– an initiative conceived to address the incipient technology gap facing individuals from

lower economic income groups by enabling them to gain 3D printing skills "through

learning to design and print their own toys."  Learn that 3D printing is one technique of

the several processes known as Additive Manufacturing, a transformational technology

that is poised within the next decade to up-end the most common methods of product

design and manufacturing.

Learning Outcomes.  Students will…

– learn about the history of 3D printing (viz., additive manufacturing) and its various uses by artists, technologists, and scientists over the past 30 years.

– learn how to develop a concept sketch and translate that into a scaled drawing.

– understand the difference between two-dimensional (2D) space and three-dimensional (3D) space and learn the basics of the x.y,z spatial coordinate system.

– gain experience using drawing to represent three-dimensional objects in space (e.g. “orthographic projection.”)

– develop an original model in software (TinkerCAD) and print it out using hardware (3D printing).

– be introduced to the concept of “part to whole relationships” via the design of a 3D puzzle.

– gain confidence in working collaboratively to develop a creative project.